Kiwi Roundup  

Spring 2011


Game Programmer: Yan Lin

Game Designer and Sound FX: Stephen Dewhurst

with music by Adam Lederer and 3D art by Franz Mendonsa




  This game was created using Unity3D's engine, and the playable version here is a WebPlayer build, so you might need to download and install Unity's WebPlayer (but only once).

  To resize the screen, click somewhere on the side of your screen (outside of the Unity WebPlayer) and zoom in/out (Ctrl++ or Ctrl--).




The game:

  Evil scientists have kidnapped baby kiwis for their experiments! As the Mama Kiwi, you have to rescue as many baby kiwis as possible and lead them to the escape pods. Beware of the kiwi-eating robots!

  For a more detailed backstory and design documents, see Stephen's page: 


The experience:

  My classmate Stephen and I decided to combine our skillsets to create a minigame. I took this as an opportunity to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in games, such as seek/tracking behavior, decision trees, pathfinding, emergent behavior and so on. I gained experience in taking a designer's design document and implementing it but at the same time giving constructive feedback and letting him know about technical issues, thus enabling us to make the best decisions given our limited time and manpower constraints.


How To Play: