Spaceship Shooter (2006)

In my freshman year, I joined the ACM Gamebuilders Society with no prior programming experience whatsoever. This game is the result of a group project that I did with 2 other members (in C++):


Overview of Gameplay (single player):


    The player controls the white spaceship and can move about by pressing the

keyboard, and can rotate while moving by using the mouse and clicking the left mouse

button to shoot a stream of gray bullets to hit the moving shapes. The more shapes you

hit, the higher your score. Unfortunately, we ran into many obstacles in the course of

this project, and did not have enough time to do a real 3D shooter, so we tried to finish by

the deadline by doing a simple 2D shooter game. Through this experience, I have learnt

more about working in a team, and how proper planning, communication and teamwork

is very important.