Programmer: Yan Lin         3D Models/Animation: Tom Luong

 Texture (Surfacing) Art: Jim Doughty          Sound Design: Ping "Andy" Li

Round 5: Giant Fun (2009)

Platform: Head-Mounted Device (HMD) and Trackers


Overview of Gameplay (1 player):


    Our team wanted to create an experience that focused on the feeling of being giant-sized, and interacting with smaller people and objects. It was extremely fun programming interactions such as picking up people, poking them and flicking them away. The guest can also pick up houses, dump people out of them, and juggle people! One special interaction was being able to talk to someone in your hand, but unfortunately due to time constraints, we could not implement much dialogue. 

    As the programmer, I had lots of fun programming these interactions (such as real juggling in the HMD) and adding little effects; for example when the giant (the guest) walks towards the village, all the people inside jump. I also implemented a simple 'wander' behaviour for the people in the village.