Programmer: Yan Lin         3D Models: Leon Liang 

Texture (Surfacing) Art: Jim Doughty           Sound: Lu Huang

Round 4: Spare Parts (2009)

Project goal: Create an interactive story


Platform: Head-Mounted Device (HMD) and Trackers


Overview of Gameplay (1 player):


    This story is told through first person view of the actor in the HMD. The actor moves in the virtual world by leaning forward, and interacts with virtual characters and objects using trackers placed in his hands. We experimented with telling a story without using dialogue or words, and using non-human characters to communicate human emotions.

    This was my first experience programming a linear storytelling experience, with heavy emphasis on realistic interactions with the virtual environment such as handshaking with a robot, knocking on a door, or grabbing an object, and what events are triggered after these interactions are performed. I also liked programming effects like the red siren lights, which greatly added to the feeling of urgency and panic in those scenes.


    This world was selected to be part of the annual Building Virtual Worlds Show (2009).