Programmer: Yan Lin       Texture Artist: Katherine Rubenstein
3D Models/Animation: Craig Yoho         Sound: Mark Piszczor



Round 3: Maelstrom (2009)

Project goal: Create an activity-based experience that must be FUN!


Platform: Jam-O-Drum


Overview of Gameplay (4 players):


    Based extremely loosely on Norse mythology, the god Odin is angry and demands a sacrifice. One player controls the Red ship and another player controls the Blue ship. Odin gives both ships one minute to collect as much loot as possible; when time is up, the ship with less loot will be sacrificed. If it's a tie, Odin will randomly choose one of the ships to sacrifice. A ship can ram the other ship to knock off some of its loot and 'steal' loot. 

    The remaining two players can launch Whirlpools at ships, knocking off some loot and temporarily immobilizing the ships. There is no win or lose state for the Whirlpool players; they are there just for fun and to give the ship players a challenging time. 

    In designing this game, our team wanted to create lots of frantic activity and spinning of the Jam-O-Drum wheels and pounding on the buttons. Thus we designed the interface around these spinning and pounding actions, and made the game more fast-paced but not too challenging. We even implemented flashes of lightning (where nobody could see anything on screen) which added to the chaos and is particularly effective when playing in a dark room. We also liked the potential for cooperative and competitive gameplay among four people, and each player could choose to be a whirlpool or ship player and play offensively or defensively, depending on personal taste. The ending sequence is also particularly satisfying when watching one's enemy ship slowly get sucked down a gigantic whirlpool.