Programmer: Yan Lin          3D Models/Animation: Andrew Gartner
2DTextures: Steve Geist          Sound: Lilian Chan



Round 2: Cavemen Hanggliding (2009)

Project goal: Create a game for a naive guest (someone who does not play video games), and without using written instructions, and only one verbal instruction. 


Platform: Playmotion


Overview of Gameplay (1 player):


    Guest grips a bar which corresponds to the handle of the hang glider on the Playmotion screen. Guest can tilt the bar up and down to pitch up and down in the game, and also tilt right and left to bank sideways.

    This was a fun experiment in indirect control; from making intuitive user interfaces (such as the use of the bar) to predicting where the guest would go in the world that we created. Most people tended to go to the orange dinosaur in front of the waterfall and then to the volcano.