Programmer: Yan Lin        2D Textures: Hanika Karkhanis
3D Models/Animation: Brent Elmer      Sound: Katie Smith



Round 1: Chester's Cheesy Chase (2009)

Project goal: Help a character A who is afraid of character B


Platform: Head-Mounted Device (HMD) and Trackers


Overview of Gameplay (1 player):


    Guest role-plays as Chester the mouse, and sees the city through the mouse's eyes (first-person view). Chester follows the cheese whiffs to get to the Cheese Shop. However, Chester is afraid of cars, and must avoid getting hit. If he does get hit by a car, the cheese whiffs also replenish his health.

    This was my first experience programming with the HMD. We wanted the guest's physical user interface to simulate the mouse's movements, so to move forward in the HMD, the guest held trackers in his hands and made a running motion (up and down) with his hands.

    Another thing I liked about this game was the immersiveness of the HMD in first-person view. We could peek around corners and over the curb and even under cars, which are things one might see from a mouse's perspective but not from a human's perspective.