View of an explosion

(not able to bomb solid walls)


View of subsequent explosion

(able to bomb light grey brick walls)


Bomberman (2007)

Started as a two-person final assignment for ECE 385, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. This game went beyond the requirements for the course and was recommended as an exhibit at the University's annual Engineering Open House.


Overview of Gameplay (2 player):


    The goal of this project was to implement a variation of the Bomberman game

using VHDL, on an FPGA board, which also takes in keyboard input and outputs to the

640x480 VGA monitor.

    The game is 2-player; we shall refer to the blue player and red player as player 1

and player 2 respectively. Each player is able to move in 4 directions (up, down, left,

right) and plant 1 bomb each, by pressing keys on the keyboard. Moving diagonally is not

allowed but players can plant bombs while on the move.

    The maze (playable area) is a 15x15 grid of squares, where each square has side

of length 16 pixels. Each player starts at opposite corners of the grid, where a bullseye

symbol is shown. The bullseye marks that corner as the player’s base, and the objective

of the game is for each player to bomb his way through the maze to the enemy player’s

base and bomb the bullseye ie “capture the flag”.

    After a bomb is planted, it will explode once the timer is up. Each bomb has an

explosion radius of 1 square on the grid, in the shape of a cross (up, down, left, right).

The walls with light grey bricks will disappear when bombed, but the solid dark grey

walls will not (indestructible). The explosion can kill players (even the player who

planted the bomb), but cannot pass through the solid grey walls.

    The player who successfully bombs the enemy player’s bullseye wins the match.

If a player is killed, he loses the match. The score of the winner of the match is

incremented by 1 after every match, and the game will automatically reset. If a player

wins 3 matches (need not be consecutive wins), he wins a game.

    Also note that a bomb cannot detonate another bomb. Furthermore, once a bomb

has been planted, the player cannot walk through bombs i.e. it effectively acts like a ‘wall’

in that sense.