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This was my second semester project at the Entertainment Technology Center. A group of students pitched a project called Asymmetrical Cooperative Gaming, and our deliverable was to create a playable game prototype called Fusion. 


Fusion is a team based game, where each player can choose to be a First Person Shooter, a Racer, or a Puzzle gamer. Fusion aims to combine these three different genres of games into a single cohesive experience where all of them could play together. Each genre would have ways to hinder or help the other genres, and create meaningful interactions among players.


As a 3D programmer on the team, I worked on implementing the First Person Shooter (Soldier mode) and the Racer (Pilot mode). My responsibilities ranged from implementing lap counters and wrong-way checks, to integrating art assets and running/shooting animations, to Pilot-Soldier interactions such as Pilots picking up passengers by the roadside and Soldiers being able to shoot enemies while on someone's car. It was very fun to design and develop this game. It was also an opportunity for me to learn about networked multiplayer games, and how to design and structure code around limitations such as lag. Towards the end of the project, I also acted as an effects programmer and implemented custom shaders and effects for our game.